I had the fortune to meet Maria Serena Ciambellotti at one of my Business Presentations, and we hit it off immediately, her total lack of masks and true sincerity are all part of her very disarming and charming communication skills! This openness was what drove me to ask Maria Serena to work personally with me using her Coaching Skills.


Our 10 sessions together in 2013 helped me gain personal insight into understanding further where I need to work on my people skills, and certainly highlighted my leadership skills; also going further into where my personal blockages were regarding achieving my goals was a real journey into myself, in an atmosphere where I felt I could completely trust Maria Serena and allow myself to ‘trust the process’ and touch those areas that usually we don’t go and look at!


All in all amazing work together which has impacted very positively in the results of my business (43% raise in turn over) and also in other areas of my personal life.  

Maria Luisa Di Pinto
Forever Living Products
Professional Network and International Business Consultant